Windsor Ontario's Best Live Psychic and Healer. Aaron is Internationally known. He is regarded as a Master Psychic, Healer and Animal Communicator.  Aaron is able to reach 95-98% accuracy in his readings. His mission is to help people and to give his clients the knowledge and insights they need so that they can improve the quality of their lives.


Aaron is a multi-generational psychic/healer with over 15 years experience as a professional psychic. Aaron has been Amazing people with his  accurate and highly informative channeled psychic readings throughout his life. He possesses powerful spiritual  psychic abilities that are inherited from his grand mother and his mother. Aaron received many signs pointing to his psychic abilities throughout his life He was born with a veil of skin over his eyes and began receiving messages about future events by the time he was 10 years old. 

Challenging events in Aarons life pushed him towards embracing a full-time career as a psychic and healer. Aaron is known for bringing in depth insight and empathy to his clients' unique life experiences and for giving highly accurate readings and powerful energy healing to his clients. Aaron is blessed with "X-Ray" eyes that allow him to see and evaluate existing health problems in humans and animals alike.

Allow Aaron to guide you through your current and future life challenges. Join his many satisfied clients on a path to total health and happiness. It is time to materialize your dreams.

Windsor/Essex Best Live Psychic and Healer.


This is one of Aaron's most popular services, with clients  world wide scheduling their best live psychic readings with Aaron. 3 year forecast amazing accuracy!!!!

Security deposit required to book your appointment. ($20)

Aaron will connect with your guides and angels to provide you with life altering information that will give you the ability to live your life the way that you want to live. He will give guidance, knowledge, direction and hope to over come life's many challenges. Aaron will cover your physical health, work, money, home, family, relationships and travel. Aaron channels with your guides and angels and allows them the time necessary to give you all of the information that you need. Your reading will be recorded on a CD for you so that you can reference it later.  Please book your best live psychic reading with Aaron  today.


Feel Better today with this unique Healing method . Utilizing special tuning forks Aaron uses the earth tone of Ohm to connect deep into the energy of his clients. Aaron also has "X-Ray Eyes" that help him to see health problems. He also connects with the Psychological ,Emotional , Physical and Spiritual being of his clients. My intention is to seek out the root cause so that your body can heal quicker when the mind ,body and soul are aligned.

What are the benefits of Sound Vibration Healings?


1) Promotes the flow of "Qi" in and around the body.

2) Opens the energetic pathways,alleviating stasis and relieving pain

3) Relaxes muscular tension.

4) Promotes sound sleep.

5) Promotes deep and balanced breathing.

6) Stimulates the body's healing process Reduces joint pain and swelling by increasing natural anti -inflammatory compounds.

7) Promotes the healing of strained muscles,tendons,and ligaments.

Increases bone Density.

8) Energizing and revitalizing.

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Do you have a furry loved one that you are worried about?? 

Aaron has the ability to heal and communicate with your pet using his "X-Ray" vision .Aaron is able to see what is happening in your pets body. He is also able to work with all animals small or large.

Animal healing can be done in person or remotely. If you are unable to bring your animal Aaron asks that you send a photo to connect with your animal.


What They’re Saying

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Kris Michaels

Not only did Aaron open my heart and soul to my own life,he also gave me a jump start to how to improve it. I have gone from a skeptic to a true believer.

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